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Meet Faith

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

My mission is to empower as many people as possible from depletion to wholeness so that they can thrive again and not just survive!  


Are you feeling overwhelmed, defeated, stressed out about getting it all right? Do you struggle with putting everyone else before yourself? Are you self soothing your emotions with food leaving you with gut imbalance? Is this stopping you from reaching your goals, dreams in life?

Hi, I'm Coach Faith and I help woman take better care of themselves so they can show up with a full cup for their loved ones. I help you reclaim your healthy self, and find balance in your home by investing in your inner peace and joy, and rediscovering your own spark again! Do something extraordinary:


Felicia "Faith " Hart, an internationally recognized best selling author, is the founder and CEO of Align with Faith with a private practice dedicated to her clients success as a highly influential coach and advocate. She also cherishes her time with her young children as a single mom, grateful for their unwavering support, residing in southern California by the oceanside.  Faith has received training from the Health Coach Institute, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and Yoga Works and is nationally board-certified. Her certifications include Mastery Health Coach, Emotional Eating, Gut Health, and Mastery Life Success Coach. Drawing from her background as a professional dancer featured on networks and theatre's and as a current Pilates teacher and Essential Oil Specialist, Faith offers a unique blend of knowledge and experience in her holistic coaching practice.

She has many years of experience coaching clients to positive, lasting change through trauma, disease, injured dancers, women, and teens to heal, rebuild, & overcome trials in their own lives. Her experience also extends to working with Autistic & ADHD children within the school district, where she has developed specialized coaching techniques to cater to their unique needs.

As an adult DV survivor, abused, & post-concussion from a car brain injury, she has overcome her life challenges to now guide others to find their voice when lost. Once a young professional dancer in her early teens and blessed to see the world who loved ballet, she fully lived out her dream career.  Her new mission as a Christian Woman and Mom is to lead others to break free of pain, reclaim hope, turn fear into confidence, and step into their greatness with inner peace and outer abundance.

Like a dancer who has fallen on stage & gracefully decides to get up and continue dancing to life!

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