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Walking a Mile in One of My Client's Shoes

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I wake up daily exhausted, rested but still tired. I wonder as each hour passes today that my energy will come back. I know how to be: exercise, eat right , do the right thing but nothing is and has worked. Where is my passion? Where and why depleted? I am so thankful for my surroundings, my kids, the young smiles I wake to every day! When does my UMPH come back to me? Is there more to life? Is there more to MY life? Can someone, is someone out there to explain what is going on with me? Are there other moms like this or is it just me? I feel I have to get it all right, or my kids will have troubles or bad patterns, pain into adulthood, if I mess it up. I want to get help but too shameful to ask because I did it before.. that “Super Mommy” but I am drained now!

Jesus help me, Guide me to the right person to help me bring love and light again to feel stronger, get stronger, and feel fulfilled!

My health and future life goals are important because I want to thrive and not just survive anymore!

End depletion and Live again to Rise up and step up to a a better version of who you are called to be ..

To step into TRUTH

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